Main window of Talend Studio - 6.3

Talend Data Fabric Studio User Guide

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The main window of Talend Studio is the interface from which you manage different types of data integration, master data management, and profiling processes.

The Talend Studio multi-panel window contains:

  • a menu bar

  • a toolbar

  • a tree view area

  • a workspace

  • a Palette

  • various configuration views organized using a tab system, for any of the elements in the data integration Job designed in the workspace

  • the Outline view and Code Viewer

  • a detailed view

  • a tab panel (specific to the Column Analysis editors)

  • a cheat sheet view

The figure below shows an example of a Talend Studio main window, open on the Integration perspective, and its panels and views.

Since Talend Studio operates a multi-perspective approach, certain interface elements may not be visible at all times.

The various elements that make up the interface are described in the following sections.


All the panels, tabs, and views described in this documentation are specific to Talend Studio. Some views listed in the [Show View] dialog box are Eclipse-specific and are not described in this documentation. For information on these views, consult the Eclipse online documentation at