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Managing complex deployments generally requires a solid teamwork and optimization of executions. This is ensured by:

  • Consolidation of all project information and enterprise metadata in a centralized repository so that all stakeholders can access the same, single version of the truth. For more information regarding the shared repository in Talend Studio, see the Working collaboratively on project items.

  • Coordination and scheduling of the execution of data integration Jobs, with a centralized execution interface. For more information regarding the Job Conductor, see How to schedule Job executions via the Job Conductor and check Talend Administration Center User Guide.

  • Parallelization of integration processes between all processing resources.

  • Optimization of the use of the execution grid to ensure optimal scalability and availability of the integration processes. For more information about virtual execution servers, check Talend Administration Center User Guide.

  • Remote execution of Jobs on specified systems, for testing and running Jobs upon request on specific systems. For more information regarding the distant run, see How to run a Job remotely.

Talend's Data Services solution facilitates the management of development projects across teams and integrated production environments across the enterprise, through the Talend Repository and enterprise management capabilities.

The Talend Repository enables collaboration between team members by allowing them to store and share integration project, integration patterns, metadata and all other items in a shared repository. This enables data integration and ESB development and operations artifacts to be stored and shared among a team of developers or administrators, further facilitating best practices and collaboration in their integration projects.

With Talend's Data Services solution, centralization of deployment, upgrade and management of Web, REST, data services and messaging routes published in the Artifact repository is made through a graphical console, Talend Administration Center, that facilitates administration of production integration environments by providing service activity monitoring and service locator capabilities. For more information on the publication in the Artifact repository, see the relevant section in the present guide. For detailed information about Talend Administration Center, see the Talend Administration Center User Guide.