How to create a Job script - 6.3

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Talend Studio enables you to create Jobs directly by writing their script. As a Job design, a Job script can be made of one or several component(s) linked together. The properties of each component and connection require to be configured individually, in order to function properly.

You can also create different folders to better classify these Job scripts.

To create a Job script, complete the following:

  1. Open Talend Studio following the procedure detailed in the Getting Started Guide.

  2. In the Repository tree view of the Integration perspective, expand the Code node

  3. Right-click the Job Scripts node and select Create JobScript from the contextual menu.

    The [Create JobScript] wizard opens to help you define the main properties of the new Job script.

  4. Enter the Job script properties according to the following:




    the name of the new Job script. A message comes up if you enter prohibited characters.


    Job script purpose or any useful information regarding the Job script use.


    Job script description.


    a read-only field that shows by default the current user login.


    a read-only field that shows by default the login of the user who owns the lock on the current Job. This field is empty when you are creating a Job script and has data only when you are editing the properties of an existing Job script.


    a read-only field. You can manually increment the version using the M and m buttons. For more information, see Managing Job and Route versions.


    a list to select from the status of the Job script you are creating.


    a list to select from the folder in which the Job script will be created.

  5. Click Finish to create the Job script.

An empty jobscript file opens up in the workspace showing the name of the script as a tab label.

Type in the script corresponding to your Job.

Once your Job script created, you can:

  • edit it,

  • generate its corresponding Job design,

  • export it.