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By allowing Talend Studio to collect your Studio usage statistics, you help users better understand Talend products and help Talend better learn how users are using the products, thus enabling Talend to improve product quality and performance to serve users better.

By default, Talend Studio automatically collects your Studio usage data and sends this data on a regular basis to servers hosted by Talend. You can view the usage data collection and upload information and customize the Usage Data Collector preferences according to your needs.


Be assured that only the Studio usage statistics data will be collected and none of your private information will be collected and transmitted to Talend.

  1. From the menu bar, click Window > Preferences to display the [Preferences] dialog box.

  2. Expand the Talend node and click Usage Data Collector to display the Usage Data Collector view.

  3. Read the message about the Usage Data Collector, and, if you do not want the Usage Data Collector to collect and upload your Studio usage information, clear the Enable capture check box.

  4. To have a preview of the usage data captured by the Usage Data Collector, expand the Usage Data Collector node and click Preview.

  5. To customize the usage data upload interval and view the date of the last upload, click Uploading under the Usage Data Collector node.

    • By default, if enabled, the Usage Data Collector collects the product usage data and sends it to Talend servers every 10 days. To change the data upload interval, enter a new integer value (in days) in the Upload Period field.

    • The read-only Last Upload field displays the date and time the usage data was last sent to Talend servers.