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The information in the Business Models view corresponds to the current selection, if any. This can be the whole model if you selected all shapes of it or more specifically one of the shapes it is made of. If nothing is selected, the Business Models tab gives general information about the model.

The Business Models view contains different types of information grouped in the Main, Appearance, Rules & Grid, and Assignment tabs.

The Main tab displays basic information about the selected item in the design workspace, being a Business Model or a Job. For more information about the Main tab, see How to display Job configuration tabs/views.

Appearance tab

From the Appearance tab you can apply filling or border colors, change the appearance of shapes and lines in order to customize your Business Model or make it easier to read.

The Business Model view includes the following formats:

  • fill the shape with selected color.

  • color the shape border

  • insert text above the shape

  • insert gradient colors to the shape

  • insert shadow to the shape

You can also move and manage shapes of your model using the edition tools. Right-click the relevant shape to access these editing tools.

Rulers and Grid tab

To display the Rulers & Grid tab, click on the Palette, then click any empty area of the design workspace to deselect any current selection.

Click the Rulers & Grid tab to access the ruler and grid setting view.

In the Display area, select the Show Ruler check box to show the Ruler, the Show Grid check box to show the Grid, or both heck boxes. Grid in front sends the grid to the front of the model.

In the Measurement area, select the ruling unit among Centimeters, Inches or Pixels.

In the Grid Line area, click the Color button to set the color of the grid lines and select their style from the Style list.

Select the Snap To Grid check box to bring the shapes into line with the grid or the Snap To Shapes check box to bring the shapes into line with the shapes already dropped in the Business Model.

You can also click the Restore Defaults button to restore the default settings.

Assignment tab

The Assignment tab displays in a tabular form details of the Repository attributes you allocated to a shape or a connection.

To display any assignment information in the table, select a shape or a connection in the active model, then click the Assignment tab in the Business Model view.

You can also display the assignment list placing the mouse over the shape you assigned information to.

You can modify some information or attach a comment. Also, if you update data from the Repository tree view, assignment information gets automatically updated.

For further information about how to assign elements to a Business Model, see Assigning repository elements to a Business Model.