How to set regular expressions and finalize the analysis - 6.3

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You can add one or more regular expressions to one or more of the analyzed columns.

Prerequisite(s): An analysis of a delimited file is open in the analysis editor in the Profiling perspective of the studio. For more information, see How to define the columns to be analyzed, How to set indicators on columns and How to set options for system indicators.

To set regular expressions to the analyzed columns, do the following:

  1. Define the regular expression you want to add to the analyzed column. For further information on creating regular expressions, see How to create a new regular expression or SQL pattern.

    In this example, the regular expression checks for all words that start with uppercase.

  2. Add the regular expression to the analyzed column in the open analysis editor, the first_name column in this example. For further information, see How to add a regular expression or an SQL pattern to a column analysis.

  3. Press F6 to execute the analysis.

    If the format of the file you are using has problems, you will have an error message to indicate which row causes the problem.

    The detailed analysis results view shows the generated graphics for the analyzed columns accompanied with tables that detail the statistic results.

    Below are the tables that accompany the statistics graphics in the Analysis Results view for the analyzed first_name column in the procedure outlined in How to define the columns to be analyzed.