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One of the greatest challenges faced by developers of integration processes and IT Operations staff in charge of controlling their execution is to be able to control and monitor the execution of these critical processes. Indeed, failure handling and error notification can - and should - be included in data integration processes.

Furthermore, beyond on-error notification, it is often critical to monitor the overall health of the integration processes and to watch for any degradation in their performance.

The Talend Activity Monitoring Console monitors Job events (successes, failures, warnings, etc.), execution times and data volumes through a single console, fully integrated in Talend Studio, the AMC perspective.

For more information regarding Talend Activity Monitoring Console operation, see Talend Activity Monitoring Console User Guide.

The Talend Activity Monitoring Console is also available as one of the Monitoring modules of Talend Administration Center.

Another powerful functionality that is integrated in Talend Studio is monitoring task executions via Talend Administration Center. Monitoring task execution automatically tracks task completion. It tracks in real-time the status of all triggered tasks or those waiting to be triggered. This way, monitoring can support rapid identification of bug issues.

For more information about tracking task completion, see Talend Administration Center User Guide.