How to deploy a data service - 6.3

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In this section, we will export the data service we just created and deploy it in the Talend Runtime container.

Before we start to export the service, start a Talend Runtime container first. For more information about how to install Talend ESB Runtime and how to run Talend Runtime container, see the Talend Installation Guide.

To export the data service for deployment, do the following:

  1. Under the Services node, right-click the airport service and select Export service in the contextual menu.

  2. In the [Export Service] wizard, click Browse to navigate to the directory where you want to store the service and click Finish. In this use case, we export the service directly to the deploy folder within the Talend Runtime container directory so that the service starts to run immediately.

    You can view this service in a container window by typing the list command.