Undeploying one or more objects from the MDM Server - 6.3

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After objects are deployed, you are allowed to undeploy them so as to remove their information directly from the MDM Server.

You can undeploy only one object at a time or undeploy multiple objects together in one go.

To undeploy one or more objects, do the following:

  1. In the MDM Repository tree view, right-click the deployed object or objects that you want to undeploy, and click Undeploy From....

  2. In the [Select a server location definition] dialog box that appears, select the server from which you want to remove the object information and click OK.

  3. Finally, a dialog box shows that the system objects are undeployed successfully. Click OK to close the dialog box.

    In the MDM Repository tree view, the information showing that the one or more objects are deployed on the server will disappear as the objects are no longer deployed on the server.

You can also undeploy all types of objects including Jobs and workflows from the MDM server using the command mUnDeployItem from the CommandLine. For more information on how to use these commands, see the help provided in the CommandLine.

For more information about the CommandLine, see the appendix on CommandLine in the Talend Administration Center User Guide.

For more information about how to deploy objects to the MDM Server, see Deploying objects to the MDM Server.