Setting up CDC in Redo/Archive log mode (journal) for AS/400 - 7.1

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In the AS/400 Redo/Archive log mode, the Studio runs its AS/400-dedicated RUNCDC program to read and analyze journals and receivers, extract change information from the source table, update the CDC table (the change table) and make queries on the changes. Both the long name and the short name of a source table are used but only the short name is used to name the CDC table.

Since version 5.4.2, the Studio does not automatically create, modify or delete any journal and can only run the CDC process on the basis of the journal and receivers that you or the administrator of your AS/400 system can provide depending on the policy of your company. For this reason, ensure that an old receiver has been treated by RUNCDC before deleting it so as to avoid lost of the information recorded in that receiver.

The command
CHGJRN JRN(<Source_library_name>/<Source_table_name>) JRNRCV(*GEN)
is used to ensure that an older receiver is detached from a journal and a newer one is attached to the journal to retrieve the last change. You are then recommended to execute this command in your AS/400 system before running this component.

The following two sections describe how to set up a CDC environment in Talend Studio. The contents described include:

  • the prerequisites on AS/400;

  • how to configure your system for CDC usage;

  • how to extract the modified data;

  • the prerequisites for reusing a CDC environment migrated from one of the 5.4.1 or earlier versions of the Studio.