Extracting change data modified in Oracle Redo/Archive log mode - 7.1

Change Data Capture (CDC)

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About this task

After setting up the CDC environment, you can now design a Job in Talend Studio using the CDC Oracle component to extract the change data from the source system.

For more information on the properties and the parameters of the tOracleCDC component, see tOracleCDC .

If you want to use CDC with an Oracle database, proceed as below:


  1. From the Repository tree view, drop the source table to the design workspace and select the tOracleCDC component in the Components dialog box, drop tLogRow from the Palette to the design workspace, and link the two components together using a Row Main connection.
  2. Double-click tOracleCDC to display its Basic settings.
    The Property type is set to Repository since we used the connection information related to CDC stored locally in the Repository tree view. All connection fields are automatically filled in.
    In the Schema using CDC, Repository is selected and this way the schema corresponding to Oracle source table is automatically retrieved.
    The name of the source table that holds change data appears in the Table using CDC field. In this example, the table is called CLIENT.
    Note: The CDC Log Mode check box is selected since you select this mode when setting up the CDC environment.
  3. For the Events to catch option, select the check box corresponding to the event(s) you want to catch. In this example, we want to catch the three events, Insert, Update and Delete.
  4. Save your Job and press F6 to execute it.


In the console, you can read the output results that correspond to what you can see in the View All Changes dialog box.