Prerequisites for reusing a migrated CDC environment - 7.1

Change Data Capture (CDC)

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If you migrate an established CDC environment from one of the 5.4.1 or earlier versions into the current Studio version, you need to accomplish the following prerequisites before reusing that environment, because the behavior of the Studio for handling CDC has been updated:

  • The long name and the short name of an AS/400 table are both retrieved with the table schema in the Repository. The CDC table uses automatically the short name as its own name. This means that you have to retrieve your AS/400 table again after the migration in order to have both the source table and the CDC table recognized by the Studio.

  • The structure of the TSUBSCRIBERS table has been updated in order to contain the long name and the short name of a source table. Therefore, you need to delete the existing CDC and add new CDC to reinitialize your TSUBSCRIBERS table.

  • The Studio does not create, modify or delete any journal and consequently, cannot automatically detach an older receiver from a journal and attach a newer one to it. Since this detachment and attachment process is indispensable for the Studio to take the last change into account, you have to execute the following command in the AS/400 system:
      CHGJRN JRN(<Source_library_name>/<Source_table_name>) JRNRCV(*GEN)
    Alternatively, you can as well use a custom FTP command through the tAS400CDC component to automate this process.

    For further information about how to use this Customize FTP command feature in tAS400CDC, see tAS400CDC .