Installing Talend Data Stewardship manually - 7.0

Talend MDM Platform Installation Guide for Windows

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Installation and Upgrade
This procedure contains the steps to manually install Talend Data Stewardship on your machine. For the automatic installation procedure using Talend Installer, see Using Talend Installer graphical installation mode.

Before you begin

About this task

Warning: When Apache Kafka is installed on a Windows machine, the Kafka broker cannot delete old log files. This is due to how it manages files on Windows operating systems. If you install Apache Kafka on Windows, it will eventually stop working because it cannot purge old log files, which can cause Talend Dictionary Service, Talend Data Stewardship, and Talend Data Preparation to stop working. Talend recommends to install Apache Kafka on a Linux machine.


  1. Download Apache Kafka from and install it. For more information on how to install it, see Apache Kafka documentation.
    For more information on the supported Apache Kafka version, see Compatible messaging systems.
  2. Download a MongoDB 3.4 instance from and install it. For more information on how to install it, see MongoDB documentation.
    For more information on the supported MongoDB databases, see Compatible databases.
    If you want to secure connections with MongoDB using SSL, MongoDB Enterprise Server has to be manually installed on your machine. For more information, see
  3. Add mongo to the PATH environment variable.
  4. Create the tds database in MongoDB.
  5. Create the following user for the tds database in MongoDB:
    • Username: tds-user

    • Password: duser

  6. Download Apache Tomcat from and install it. For more information on how to install it, see Apache Tomcat documentation.
    For production environments, it is recommended to use a separate Tomcat instance for Talend Data Stewardship.
  7. Stop your Tomcat instance if it was automatically started.
  8. Unzip the to a TDS_files folder.
  9. Remove the <Tomcat>\webapps\ROOT.war file.
  10. Create a <Tomcat>\app folder and copy the .war files from TDS_files.
  11. Copy the files contained in TDS_files\context to <Tomcat>\conf\Catalina\localhost.
  12. Copy the configuration file contained in TDS_files\config to <Tomcat>\conf.