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About this task

To add a destination directory, do the following:


  1. In the Menu tree view, click Repository to open the Repository page in the workspace.
  2. Click Add to open the drop-down list.
  3. Select Add Destination Directory on the list to open an empty configuration panel on the right side of the Repository page.
  4. Type in the connection parameters in every corresponding field on the panel.


    The following table presents details related to the fields on the panel.
    Note that the fields shown may change depending on which version of Talend Administration Center you are using. For more information on supported versions, see Installation requirements.


    Name of the connection.


    Detailed information describing this connection


    As this is a destination directory, the connection type is Target only and cannot be changed.

    Destination directory

    Directory used to store the exported Job scripts. This directory must already exist.

    Warning: If you click on any connection in the list before finalizing adding the directory, a dialog box prompts you to save the parameters in the configuration panel before switching to another connection. Click Cancel to return to the configuration panel to check and save the parameters.
  5. Click Check Connection to verify the connection status.


  6. The connection status view displays on the lower part of the configuration panel, indicating that the status is ok , failed or unknown .
  7. When the connection status shows the icon, click Save, then, the newly created connection is added to the connection list.
    For information regarding the other operations you can carry out to manage the destination directory connection list, see Managing the repository connection list.

    For further information regarding Job scripts, see Talend Studio User Guide.

    Note: When Job scripts are exported to the destination directory, a Job list can be automatically created to help you to find the Jobs you need to use. This Job list is available only when the Talend Administration Center your Talend Repository Manager works with is version 4.1.0 or later.