How to read the execution status - 7.1

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Administration and Monitoring

After the execution of a rule, the Talend Repository Manager Dashboard closely tracks all of the events that occur throughout the execution process. The final status displays on the Dashboard view.

For example, each execution of the Dev2Prod rule is listed in the table. Of each instance of Dev2Prod rule execution, only the last one (IdExec = 6) succeeded. This execution ended at 11:03:28 on Nov. 25, 2009 after 119 seconds.

You can also notice that the IdExec column indicates the number of executions carried per rule.

The execution which has an IdExec value of 5 was unsuccessful. The reason indicated in the Message column states that the /temp/demoRM/ temporary storage folder does not exist on the Talend Repository Manager server.

The Dashboard table consolidates and details the status of each instance of migration rule execution. The following table provides information related to the Dashboard tabular view:




Rules executed.


Execution ID numbering all instances of the execution of a rule. It starts from number 1 for the first one of a series of executions and restarts when switching to another rule.


Exact time at which a rule execution ends.

Execution Time (sec)

Execution duration, calculated in seconds.


Execution results, including:

: the corresponding execution succeeded;

: the corresponding execution failed.


Reason for the failure of the execution. This column remains empty when the executions are successful.