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Talend Data Management Platform Studio User Guide

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The View tab of the Component view allows you to change the default display format of components on the design workspace.



Label format

Free text label showing on the design workspace. Variables can be set to retrieve and display values from other fields. The field tooltip usually shows the corresponding variable where the field value is stored.

Hint format

Hidden tooltip, showing only when you mouse over the component.

Connection format

Indicates the type of connection accepted by the component.

You can graphically highlight both Label and Hint text with HTML formatting tags:

  • Bold: <b> YourLabelOrHint </b>

  • Italic: <i> YourLabelOrHint </i>

  • Return carriage: YourLabelOrHint <br> ContdOnNextLine

  • Color: <Font color= '#RGBcolor'> YourLabelOrHint </Font>

To change your preferences of this View panel, click Window > Preferences > Talend > Designer.