Centralizing BRMS (Drools Guvnor) metadata - 7.1

Talend Data Management Platform Studio User Guide

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The Drools Web application integrated into Talend Administration Center is deprecated.

Talend Studio enables you to save connection details to a Drools Guvnor repository library under the Metadata folder in the Repository tree view. The BRMS connection wizard leads you through the connection steps and allows you to browse the library for Business Rules which are saved along with the connection metadata and duly transformed into a form in which they can easily be used in Jobs.

The new BRMS connection, along with its schema, is added to the Repository tree view, under the Metadata > Rules Management > BRMS node.

You can drop the metadata defined from the Repository onto the design workspace as a new tBRMS component, which is automatically set with all of the connection parameters. For further information about how to use the centralized metadata in a Job, see Using centralized metadata in a Job and Setting a repository schema in a Job.

To modify a BRMS connection, right-click it from the Repository tree view, and select Edit BRMS to open the file metadata setup wizard.

To edit a schema, right-click the schema from the Repository tree view and select Edit Schema from the contextual menu.