Customizing the folder-level build script templates - 7.1

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About this task

Based on the global build script templates, you can add and customize script templates for Jobs folder by folder under the Build > Maven > Setup custom scripts by folder node. The build script templates added for a folder apply to all Jobs in that folder and all its sub-folders except those with their own build script templates set up.

The following example shows how to add and customize the POM script template for building standalone Jobs from Jobs in the CA_customers folder:


  1. From the menu bar, click File > Edit Project properties to open the Project Settings dialog box.
  2. Expand the Build > Maven > Setup custom scripts by folder > Job Designs > CA_customers nodes, and then click the Standalone Job node to open the relevant view, from which you can add script templates or delete all existing templates.

    Depending on the license you are using, the project settings items in your Studio may differ from what is shown above.

  3. Click the Create Maven files button to create script templates based on the global templates for standalone Jobs.
  4. Select the script template you want to customize, pom.xml in this example, to display the script code in the code view. Modify the script code in the text panel and click OK to finish your customization.
    Once the build script templates are created for a folder, you can also go to the directory where the XML files are stored, <studio_installation_directory>\workspace\<project_name>\process\CA_customers in this example, and directly modify the XML file of the template you want to customize. Your changes will affect all Jobs in the folder and in all sub-folders except those with their own script set up.

    If you are working in a remote project and if you modify an XML file directly, your changes will not be automatically committed to the version control system. To make sure your changes are properly committed, we recommend that you customize the script templates in Project Settings of your Talend Studio instead.