Finalizing the end schema of your output file - 7.1

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About this task

Step 5 of the wizard displays the end schema generated and allows you to further define the schema.


  1. If needed, rename the metadata in the Name field (metadata, by default), add a Comment, and make further modifications, for example:
    • Redefine the columns by editing the relevant fields.

    • Add or delete a column using the [+] and x buttons.

    • Change the order of the columns using the and buttons.

  2. If the XML file which the schema is based on has been changed, click the Guess button to generate the schema again. Note that if you have customized the schema, the Guess feature does not retain these changes.
  3. Click Finish. The new file connection, along with its schema, is displayed under the relevant File XML metadata node in the Repository tree view.