Defining general properties - 7.1

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  1. In the connection setup wizard, give your connection a name in the Name field. This name will appear as the database connection name under the Metadata node of the Repository tree view.
  2. Fill in the optional Purpose and Description fields as required. The information you fill in the Description field will appear as a tooltip when you move your mouse pointer over the connection.
  3. If needed, set the connection version and status in the Version and Status fields respectively. You can also manage the version and status of a repository item in the Project Settings dialog box. For more information, see Version management and Status management respectively.
  4. If needed, click the Select button next to the Path field to select a folder under the Db connections node to hold your newly created database connection. Note that you cannot select a folder if you are editing an existing database connection, but you can drag and drop a connection to a new folder whenever you want.
  5. Click Next when completed. The second step requires you to fill in or edit database connection data.