Removing a version of a Job or Route - 7.1

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If you are sure that a version of a Job or Route is no longer useful, you can remove it by deleting its resource files.

  • A Job or Route removed this way will not go to the Recycle bin and therefore cannot be restored.
  • Mis-deletion of a resource file may cause damage to the integrity of the corresponding Job or Route and thus cause it to stop functioning.


  1. If you want to remove the latest version of a Job or Route and if it is currently open, close it.
  2. Select Window > Show view... from the menu, then in the the Show View dialog box, select General > Navigator and click OK to open the Navigator view in the configuration tabs area.
    Skip this step if the Navigator view is already displayed.
  3. In the Navigator view, expand to the node named after your project.
    This node is in all capitals, MY_PROJECT for example.
  4. Go to the process folder to show the resource files of your Job.
    To remove a Route version, go to the routes folder.
    If your Job or Route is in a sub folder, go to that sub folder to show the corresponding resource files.
  5. Select the three resource files corresponding to your Job or Route name and the version you want to delete, right-click the selection and click Delete on the context menu, and then click OK in the Delete Resources dialog box.


    To delete the 0.1 version of a Job named my_job, delete these files:
    • my_job_0.1.item
    • my_job_0.1.screenshot