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About this task

If you are able to access the web-based management service of your cluster, that is to say, Ambari for Hortonworks or Cloudera Manager for Cloudera, select this Retrieve configuration from Ambari or Cloudera option to import the configuration information directly from that management service.

This image shows an example of this wizard for configuration retrieval.

From this wizard, do the following:


  1. In the area for the credentials, enter the authentication information to login the web-based management service of the cluster to be used. In this example, it is the Cloudera manager to connect to.
  2. If the certificate system has been set up for the management service you need to connect to, select the Customize SSL truststore check box to activate the related fields and then complete them using your TrustStore file.

    If you do not have this TrustStore file at hand, contact the administrator of the cluster.

    Both Hortonworks and Cloudera provide the security-related information around their web-based management service in their documentation. You can find more details on their web sites for documentation:
  3. If your local machine has access permissions to your Ambari or Cloudera manager, click the Connect button to create the connection from the Studio to Ambari or Cloudera manager.
    Optionally, you can select the Retrieve by Jobserver check box and select your Jobserver to fetch the configuration from Cloudera Manager or Ambari.
    The name of the cluster managed by this cluster management service is displayed on the Discovered clusters list.
  4. Click the Fetch button to retrieve and list the configuration of the services of this cluster in this wizard.
  5. Select the services for which you want to import the configuration information.
  6. Click Finish.
    Then the relevant configuration information is automatically filled in the next step of the Hadoop cluster connection wizard.

    For this reason, it is important to select this check box to make your custom configuration override the default one.

  7. Click the Check services button to verify that the Studio can connect to the NameNode and the ResourceManager services you have specified in this wizard.
    A dialog box pops up to indicate the checking process and the connection status. If it shows that the connection fails, you need to review and update the connection information you have defined in the connection wizard.
  8. Click Finish to validate the changes.


If you need more details about the auto-completed fields in this Hadoop cluster connection wizard, see Configuring the connection manually