Retrieving part of a Date - 7.1

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It is easy to use the getPartOfDate routine, along with a tJava component to retrieve part of a date, for example:

Date D=TalendDate.parseDate("dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss", "13-10-2010 12:23:45");
System.out.println(TalendDate.getPartOfDate("DAY_OF_MONTH", D));
System.out.println(TalendDate.getPartOfDate("MONTH", D));
System.out.println(TalendDate.getPartOfDate("YEAR", D));
System.out.println(TalendDate.getPartOfDate("DAY_OF_YEAR", D));
System.out.println(TalendDate.getPartOfDate("DAY_OF_WEEK", D));

In this example, the day of month (DAY_OF_MONTH), the month (MONTH), the year (YEAR), the day number of the year (DAY_OF_YEAR) and the day number of the week (DAY_OF_WEEK) are returned in the Run view. All the returned data are numeric data types.

Note: In the Run view, the date string referring to the months (MONTH) starts with 0 and ends with 11: 0 corresponds to January, 11 corresponds to December.