Typing on the design workspace to add the second Route component - 7.1

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About this task

The second component of our Route will be added by typing its name directly on the workspace, instead of dropping it from the Palette.

Prerequisite: Make sure you have selected the Enable Component Creation Assistant check box in the Studio preferences. For more information, see Using centralized metadata in a Job.

To add a component directly on the workspace, proceed as follows:


  1. Click where you want to add the component on the design workspace, and type your keywords, which can be the full or partial name of the component, or a phrase describing its functionality if you don't know its name. In our example, start typing cset.

    To use a descriptive phrase as keywords for a fuzzy search, make sure the Also search from Help when performing a component searching check box is selected on the Preferences > Palette Settings view. For more information, see Palette preferences (Talend> Palette Settings).

    A list box appears below the text field displaying all the matching components in alphabetical order.
  2. Double-click the desired component to add it on the workspace, cSetBody in our example.