Defining project references - 7.1

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A project reference is a property that you can set for a project so that all or some of the project items can be referenced by another project.
  • When one project references another, the items (Jobs, Metadata, Business Modeler and so on) in the referenced project are available for reuse.
  • When one project is stored on SVN or GIT, its items are structured in trunk or main and branches so that the reference can be established at either levels to provide more flexibility in project usability.
  • You can establish references between projects only if the type of the project to be used as a reference is subordinate to the type of the referencing project. For example, a Data Management project can be used as a reference for a Master Data Management project and not vice versa. For more information about project types, see the Talend Administration Center User Guide.
  • You need to have read-write access to the projects only for migration purposes upon migrating to a new version or applying a patch.
  • You cannot:
    • define two or more branches of a project as references to another project.
    • create a reference connection between an SVN managed project and a Git managed one.
    • create a cycle of references between two projects.
    • have project items (Jobs, Contexts, Metadata, etc.) with the same name in both a project and its reference.

For more information about working with referenced projects, see Working with referenced projects.