Creating a basic column analysis on a file - 7.1

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About this task

You can create a column analysis on a delimited file and execute the created analyses using the Java engine.

From the studio, you can also analyze a set of columns, for more information, see Analyzing tables in delimited files.

The sequence of profiling data in a delimited file involves the following steps:


  1. Defining the column(s) to be analyzed.

    For more information, see Defining the columns to be analyzed.

  2. Setting predefined system indicators for the defined columns.

    For more information, see Setting indicators on columns. For more information on indicator types and indicator management, see Indicators.

  3. Setting patterns for the defined columns.

    For more information on pattern types and management, see Patterns.

    You can also use Java user-defined indicators when analyzing columns in a delimited file on the condition that a Java user-defined indicator is already created. For further information, see Defining Java user-defined indicators.