Customizing the system routines - 7.1

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About this task

If the system routines are not adapted to your specific needs, you can customize them by copying and pasting the content in a user routine, then modify the content accordingly.

To customize a system routine:


  1. First of all, create a user routine by following the steps outlined in Creating user routines. The routine opens in the workspace, where you shall find a basic example of a routine.
  2. Then, under Code > Routines > system, select the class of routines which contains the routine(s) you want to customize.
  3. Double-click the class which contains the relevant routine to open it in the workspace.
  4. Use the Outline panel on the bottom left of the studio to locate the routine from which you want to copy all or part of the content.
  5. In the workspace, select all or part of the code and copy it using Ctrl+C.
  6. Click the tab to access your user routine and paste the code by pressing Ctrl+V.
  7. Modify the code as required and press Ctrl+S to save it.
    We advise you to use the descriptive text (in blue) to detail the input and output parameters. This will make your routines easier to maintain and reuse.