Overview of the available indexes - 7.1

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The indexes used by the Profiling perspective of the studio are available in a local file in the root directory of your studio, in the following path addons > data > synonym.

In each of these index files, you can find the following information:

  • index description,

  • index structure,

  • an example,

  • number of documents (words) in each index.

You can access all these index files from the Profiling perspective of the studio using a Synonym Index editor. This editor displays the entries and their related synonyms and provides you with several management options. For further information about the index editor, see Using the synonym index editor.

You can use these indexes in certain data quality components, such as tSynonymSearch and tStandardizeRow. You can also create or update such index files using the tSynonymOutput component. For further information on data quality components, see the Talend Components Reference Guide.