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Design and Development

Camel supports the Content Filter from the EIP patterns using one of the following mechanisms in the routing logic to transform content from the inbound message.

A common way to filter messages is to use an Expression in the DSL like XQuery, SQL or one of the supported Scripting Languages.

Using the Fluent Builders

Here is a simple example using the DSL directly

from("direct:start").setBody(body().append(" World!")).to("mock:result");

In this example we add our own Processor

from("direct:start").process(new Processor() {
    public void process(Exchange exchange) {
        Message in = exchange.getIn();
        in.setBody(in.getBody(String.class) + " World!");

For further examples of this pattern in use you could look at one of the JUnit tests

Using Spring XML

  <from uri="activemq:Input"/>
  <bean ref="myBeanName" method="doTransform"/>
  <to uri="activemq:Output"/>

You can also use XPath to filter out part of the message you are interested in:

  <from uri="activemq:Input"/>
     <xpath resultType="org.w3c.dom.Document">//foo:bar</xpath>
  <to uri="activemq:Output"/>