Dematerialization, tAlfrescoOutput, and Enterprise Content Management - 6.5


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Dematerialization is the process that convert documents held in physical form into electronic form, and thus helps to move away from the use of physical documentation to the use of electronic Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. The range of documents that can be managed with an Enterprise Content Management system include just about everything from basic documents to stock certificates, for example.

Enterprises dematerialize their content via a manual document handling, done by man, or an automatic document handling, machine-based.

Considering the varied nature of the content to be dematerialized, enterprises have to use varied technologies to do it. Scanning paper documents, creating interfaces to capture electronic documents from other applications, converting document images into machine-readable/editable text documents, and so on are examples of the technologies available.

Furthermore, scanned documents and digital faxes are not readable texts. To convert them into machine-readable characters, different character recognition technologies are used. Handwritten Character Recognition (HCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) are two examples of such technologies.

Equally important as the content that is captured in various formats from numerous sources in the dematerialization process is the supporting metadata that allows efficient identification of the content via specific queries.

Now how can this document content along with the related metadata be aggregated and indexed in an Enterprise Content Management system so that it can be retrieved and managed in meaningful ways? Talend provides the answer through the tAlfrescoOutput component.

The tAlfrescoOutput component allows you to stock and manage your electronic documents and the related metadata on the Alfresco server, the leading open source enterprise content management system.

The following figure illustrates Talend 's role between the dematerialization process and the Enterprise Content Management system (Alfresco).