Data Integration: hints and notes - 7.1

Talend Data Fabric Release Notes

Talend Data Fabric
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Out of memory when building Jobs on Java 8 Note that Java 8 uses more memory. If your project uses Java 8, you may need to increase the JVM memory used by Talend Studio.

If you find Talend Studio is using too much memory on your system, you can add this parameter to the Studio .ini file: -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=512m

Notes about Git support All branches/tags are visible for all projects on the same Git repository. Therefore, if you create some branches/tags for one project, all other projects on the same Git repository will have the same list.

About the unlock mode: Any item modified will be kept locally, and will never be committed / pushed to the server until the item is unlocked. Project items will be stored temporarily on the stash system of Git if needed, so that they are not pushed until they are unlocked.

Use of recursive Jobs Avoid using recursive Jobs because this forces recursive Jobs with the same dependencies build. In a normal case each Job has its own Maven project, but with the use of recursive Jobs, all the Jobs linked might be compiled inside the same project. This can easily cause some compilation issues between the Jobs.
Unable to select tables in MySQL components Due to a known issue of MySQL database driver 8.0.12 and some earlier versions, you may have a problem opening the list of database tables in MySQL components. If this happens, use MySQL database driver 8.0.13 or a later version.