Data Preparation: new features - 7.1

Talend Data Fabric Release Notes

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Audit user actions

All actions performed by users on preparations in the application, such as login, logout or modifications, can be traced in logs and audited. Knowing who did what when helps ensure greater compliance with security rules and regulations.

Word-based pattern profiling

In addition to a character-based approach, you can now analyze the patterns of your data at the "word" level. Word-based patterns are more coarse-grain than character-based patterns, which makes it easier to spot outliers for any data that doesn't respect a strict format. Consequently, switching between character-based and word-based patterns lets you easily highlight data quality issues.

Support for Asian characters

Talend Data Preparation fully supports Kana, Kanji and Hangul when preparing or profiling data, extending coverage for data curation and data quality in Asia.

Improved data masking

The Data masking (Obfuscation) function offers more advanced parameters, allowing you to select the masking routine, including semantic masking, that respects the semantic type of your columns, bringing self-service data privacy to more users.

Performance improvements

User interface performance has been optimized and the application now offers a considerably faster experience when preparing data.


The Talend Data Preparation interface has been fully translated into Chinese, increasing international reach.