Data Integration: deprecated and removed items - 7.1

Talend Data Fabric Release Notes

Talend Data Fabric
Installation and Upgrade



Publishing settings The following settings are deprecated from Talend 7.1 onwards:
  • Publish to SpagoBI
  • Publish to Spagic
CommandLine as a Server Talend CommandLine as a Server is deprecated from Talend 7.1 onwards.
Project Audit in Talend Administration Center The Project Audit feature is deprecated in Talend Administration Center from Talend 7.1 onwards.

Talend Administration Center features

The following features are deprecated from Talend 7.0.1 onwards:
  • Publisher

    Consider using Talend CI Builder instead.

  • SVN/GIT-based tasks in Job Conductor

    Consider using the Nexus tasks instead.

  • Backup (SVN + DB)

    SVN and DB administrators are responsible for performing the required backups.

  • Repository Browser