Data Integration: new features - 7.1

Talend Data Fabric Release Notes

Talend Data Fabric
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OpenJDK support In addition to Oracle JDK, Talend supports OpenJDK 1.8 to generate, execute, and build Jobs.
Project Audit Now you can audit your projects in Talend Studio.
Resources for Jobs You can now create and use resources for Jobs dependencies in Talend Studio.
Components Manager Now you can use the Components Manager to download and install new components or component updates that Talend provides outside of regular software releases.
Building/publishing Docker images Talend Studio now supports building and publishing Docker images from your Jobs.
Git Diff/Merge for project settings You can now resolve conflicts on project settings in Talend Studio.
Artifactory support Talend Studio now supports Artifactory as artifact repository.
Project reference creation and management You can now create, update, and delete project references using Talend CommandLine commands.
Enhanced Test Case capability The Test Case functionality is no longer restricted to a data flow. You can now use a test case to verify whether a single component or multiple sub-jobs will work as expected.
Enhanced Amazon Redshift support
  • The tRedshiftUnload, tRedshiftBulkExec, tRedshiftOutputBulk and tRedshiftOutputBulkExec components now allow you to unload the data from Redshift to AWS S3 bucket.
  • The tRedshift components (except for tRedshiftOutputBulk) now allow you to use SSO.
Enhanced Amazon S3 support
  • The tS3Connection, tS3Get and tS3Put components now support acceleration mode.
  • The tS3Copy component now allows you to copy large file (more than 5GB).
  • The tS3Get component now supports specifying the file to be retrieved.
Enhanced CreateTable support
  • The tCreateTable component now allows you to create a Snowflake table.
  • The tCreateTable component now allows you to use temporary and unlogged tables for PostgreSQL.
Enhanced FTP support The tFTPFileExist component now allows the next FTP component in the Job to take current directory as the root of the remote directory.
Enhanced FileInput support
  • The tFTP components now support SSH2 type private keys.
  • The tFileInputDelimited component now allows you to specify a custom encoding type.
Enhanced Greenplum support Greenplum 5.x is now supported.
Enhanced Marketo support Three new Marketo components tMarketoCampaign, tMarketoInput and tMarketoOutput have been integrated to allow you to retrieve lead and campaign records.
Enhanced SOAP support The tSOAP component now allows you to use special Latin characters in SOAP messages.

Enhanced MySQL Server support

  • The tMysqlBulkExec, tMysqlOutputBulk and tMysqlOutputBulkExec components now support load data into an Amazon Aurora database during your bulk operations.
  • MySQL 8 is now supported.
Enhanced Oracle support
  • Oracle 18c is now supported.
Enhanced PostgreSQL support The tPostgreSQLOutputBulkExec component now allows you to use the COPY command.
Enhanced Snowflake support
  • The Snowflake components now support OAuth access and allow you to take action on tables.
  • The Snowflake components are now available on Azure.
New Snowflake components Three new components tSnowflakeBulkExec, tSnowflakeOutputBulk and tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec have been integrated, which allow you to load data into a Snowflake database more quickly.
Enhanced Teradata support The tTeradatatTPTExec component now allows you to customize scripts.
Enhanced SAP support
  • The tSAPHanaBulkExec component is now available. This component improves performance while carrying out the Insert operations to an SAP HANA database.
  • In this release, the tSAPHanaUnload component is in technical preview. This component allows you to export data to the SAP HANA server.
  • The tELTSAPMap, tSAPDSOInput, and tSAPInfoCubeInput components now support the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
  • The tSAPODPInput component now supports both the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
New unified ELT components Three ELT components tELTJDBCMap, tELTJDBCInput and tELTJDBCOutput have been unified into tELTMap, tELTInput and tELTOutput as generic version.
Continuous Deployment: Docker support You are now able to configure your Continuous Integration server to deploy artifacts of your Talend project to a Docker registry.

Talend Administration Center

Feature Description
Verifying and signing Jobs From Talend 7.1 onwards, before executing a Job Talend Administration Center will verify whether it has a valid signature. You can migrate unsigned Jobs within a 90-day grace period upon license setup, or ask Talend for a migration token to extend the grace period. For details, see Talend Migration Guide.
Artifactory support Talend Administration Center now supports Artifactory as artifact repository. You can use the initialization tool provided by Talend in the Talend Administration Center package to initialize your Artifactory installation for use with Talend.