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There are 3 types of resource parameters.

resource_file_<parameter_name> and resource_directory_<parameter_name>

Use these parameters if the Job needs a file or a directory to be executed.


Use this parameter if the web user needs to have a temporary folder during the execution of the Task in the web application.

You must set the parameter type to String.


You must set the parameter type to String.

The resource parameter for the synonym index directory which follows the pattern resource_synonym_<parameter_name> is deprecated and may be removed completely in future releases. As the path to the synonym files in the Studio is <Studio>/addons/data/synonym/idx_<synonym files>, you must define the parameter value following the path of the synonym files in the Studio.

For example, you must set the value of the resource_synonym_idx_ISO3_country_name parameter to idx_country/idx_country_codes/idx_ISO3_country_name.