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  1. Click the [...] button next to the Output Folder field and browse to the folder in which you want to save a copy of the generated report.
    Note: The folder you define in this field will store only the current report. However, you can define a by-default folder where you store all reports you generate from the Profiling perspective of the studio. For further information, see Creating a report on specific analyses.
    If you define an output report folder in this field, the report document you generate will be stored in this folder but will not be committed on the Git server that hosts the shared repository.
    To commit the report document on the Git server and share it with the other team members who access the same remote project, leave the Output Folder field empty.
  2. In the Output File Name field, enter a name for the generated report.
  3. Select a type for the generated report from the File Type list.
  4. Clear the with timestamp check box if you want to overwrite the output report file everytime you run the report. Otherwise, keep it selected to generate a new output file each time you run the report.
  5. Enter the date range for the analysis execution.
  6. Define the settings for the report layout as desired in the corresponding fields and browse for a logo if you want to add one to the report file.