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About this task

You can also manage the version of each item in the Repository tree view through General > Version Management of the Project Settings dialog box.

To do so:


  1. On the toolbar of the Studio main window, click or click File > Edit Project Properties from the menu bar to open the Project Settings dialog box.
  2. In the tree view of the dialog box, expand General and select Version Management to open the corresponding view.
  3. In the Repository tree view, expand the node holding the items you want to manage their versions and then select the check boxes of these items.
    The selected items display in the Items list to the right along with their current version in the Version column and the new version set in the New Version column.
  4. Make changes as required:
    • In the Options area, select the Change all items to a fixed version option to change the version of the selected items to the same fixed version.

    • Click Revert if you want to undo the changes.

    • Click Select all dependencies if you want to update all of the items dependent on the selected items at the same time.

    • Click Select all subJobs if you want to update all of the subJobs dependent on the selected items at the same time.

    • To increment each version of the items, select the Update the version of each itemoption and change them manually.

    • Select the Fix tRunjob versions if Latest check box if you want the father job of current version to keep using the child Job(s) of current version in the tRunJob to be versioned, regardless of how their versions will update. For example, a tRunJob will update from the current version 1.0 to 1.1 at both father and child levels. Once this check box is selected, the father Job 1.0 will continue to use the child Job 1.0 rather than the latest one as usual, say, version 1.1 when the update is done.

      Warning: To use this check box, the father Job must be using child Job(s) of the latest version as current version in the tRunjob to be versioned, by having selected the Latest option from the drop-down version list in the Component view of the child Job(s).
  5. Click Apply and Close to apply your changes and close the dialog box.