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About this task

To set the connection between CDC and the data :


  1. Right-click the CDC Foundation folder of the data connection and select Create CDC to open the Create Change Data Capture dialog box. In this example, this data connection is AS400_DATA.
  2. In the Create Change Data Capture dialog box, click the three-dot button next to the Set Link Connection field to select connection to the database that corresponds to CDC. In this example, select AS400_CDC.
  3. Click Create Subscriber to create the subscribers. Then the command to be executed is displayed. The following image presents an example of this command.
    In general, this command reads as follows:
    open <AS400_server_host>
    user <Username> <Password>
    quote rcmd "crtsavf qgpl/instfitcdc"
    quote rcmd "clrsavf qgpl/instfitcdc"
    cd qgpl
    put "<Studio_install>\plugins\org.talend.designer.cdc_<version>\resource\fitcdc.savf" instfitcdc
    quote rcmd "rstlib savlib(fitcdc) dev(*savf) savf(qgpl/instfitcdc) RSTLIB(<CDC_library_name>)"
    quote rcmd "CHGCMD CMD(<CDC_library_name>/RUNCDC) PGM(<CDC_library_name>/F2CD00) CURLIB(<CDC_library_name>)"
    quote rcmd "dltf qgpl/instfitcdc"
    It is automatically executed via FTP by the Studio to install the RUNCDC program, restore the CDC library (the CDC database) and create the TSUBSCRIBERS table.
  4. If you need to manually execute this command, copy this command and click Skip to close this dialog box. In this situation, this command is not executed by the Studio and you need to paste or even edit this command by yourself and execute it in your AS/400 system.
    Otherwise, click Execute to directly run the default command in the Studio. Then a step-by-step execution list appears.
    Note that on the list, you might read an error with number 550 describing issues such as the fact that not all objects have been restored. This could be normal if the library that was not restored has in fact been restored in your AS/400 system. Contact the administrator of your AS/400 system for clarification.
  5. Once done, in the Create Change Data Capture dialog box, click Finish.


In the CDC Foundation folder, the CDC database connection appears, along with the subscription table schema.