Step 3: Retrieve and process changes in Oracle Redo/Archive log mode - Cloud

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To retrieve modified data, define the connection between CDC and data:


  1. Right-click the relevant CDC Foundation folder and proceed to connect to the Oracle database to be monitored.
  2. Select Create CDC to open the Create Change Data Capture dialog box.
  3. Click the three-dot button next to the Set Link Connection field to select the connection that corresponds to CDC. Then define the user for Oracle - publisher in this example. This user will create the change tables that store modifications and will activate change captures for the source table.
  4. In the Options area, select Log mode as the option for capturing changes.
  5. Click Create Subscriber. The Create Subscriber and Execute SQL Script dialog box appears.
  6. Click Execute and then Close to close the dialog box.
  7. Click Finish in the Create Change Data Capture dialog box.


In the CDC Foundation folder, the subscription table schema appears. An icon also appears to show that the change capture for the source table is activated.