Procedure - 7.3


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  1. Drop the tXSLT and tMsBox components from the Palette to the design workspace.
  2. Double-click tXSLT to open its Basic settings view where you can define the component properties.
  3. In the XML file field, set the path or browse to the xml file to be transformed. In this example, the xml file holds a list of MP3 song titles and related information including artist names, company etc.
  4. In the XSL file field in the Basic settings view, set the path or browse to the relevant xsl file.
  5. In the Output file field, set the path or browse to the output html file.
    In this example, we want to convert the xml data into an html file holding a table heading followed by a table listing artists' names next to song titles.
  6. In the Parameters area of the Basic settings view, click the plus button to add a line where you can define the name and value of the transformation parameter of the xsl file. In this example, the name of the transformation parameter we want to use is bgcolor and the value is green.
  7. Double-click the tMsgBox to display its Basic settings view and define its display properties as needed.
  8. Save the Job and press F6 to execute it. The message box displays confirming that the output html file is created and stored in the defined path.
  9. Click OK to close the message box.


You can now open the output html file to check the transformation of the xml data and that of the background color of the table heading.