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Metadata is key to understand what the functional role of a Job is.

Before you begin

  • You have set a Talend Cloud license in the Studio.

About this task

In this example, you describe everything about the current Job and its parameters. You also assign the Dropbox icon to the Job. This information appears in Talend Cloud Management Console once the Job is published.


  1. Open the Video_Viewers_Watch_Results_Log_Filter Job in Talend Studio.
  2. Open the Cloud Artifact tab below the design workspace.
  3. On the Main page, enter the following parameters:
    Field Purpose
    Display name Title of the Job as displayed in Talend Cloud Management Console.
    Description Markdown description of the Job and of its parameters to be displayed to the web user.
    Metainfo Characteristics of the Job: select File as Category, Dropbox as Application and type upload as Entity.
    Icon The icon displayed next to the Job in Talend Cloud Management Console.
  4. On the Parameters page, select the Required? checkboxes for all parameters.

    The parameters listed here are the context parameters defined in the Contexts view.

    At runtime, the user is promted to enter the value in Talend Studio.
  5. In the Description field, enter a description for each parameter.
  6. Save the changes.


The Job scenario is packaged within the Job itself. You have clearly defined what the Job does and how it should be run in Talend Cloud Management Console.