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You can enable users to define their own values: where the log file is pulled from and where the result files is pushed to prior to executing the Job in the cloud.

Before you begin

  • You have set a Talend Cloud license in Studio.
  • You have imported the demo project with context parameters to Studio.

About this task

You can enter default parameter values to make the Job ready as is or provide explicit examples to users. For instance, to suggest other users to store the output file in the RoyaltiesDue folder, you can enter /RoyaltiesDue/StreamingResultsLog_FilteredRecords.csv.


  1. Open the Video_Viewers_Watch_Results_Log_Filter Job in Talend Studio.
  2. Click the Contexts tab below the design workspace.
    If it does not appear, click Window > Show view > Talend and select Contexts.
  3. Set the context parameters to the file you want to download from Dropbox, the numeric value used to decide whether to generate royalties, and the output file to upload back to Dropbox.

    Use the + button under the parameters list and set a variable name and value in the corresponding fields.

    Context parameters have to follow strict naming conventions. If you do not use the parameter_<parmname> format, the parameter will appear under Advanced Parameters in the Task on Talend Cloud Management Console.

  4. Click the tDropboxGet component in the Designer view.
  5. In the Component panel underneath, start typing context in the Path field.
  6. Press Ctrl+Space to get the list of available parameters.
  7. Select context.parameter_download_path.
  8. Click the tFilterRow component in the Designer view.
  9. In the Conditions field of the Component panel underneath, click + and set the condition to keep only royalty records: users who have streamed more than the percentage defined (20% by default).
  10. Repeat the above step with the tDropboxPut component.

    The parameter name is parameter_upload_path.