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Talend Cloud upgrades are automatic and mandatory. That includes Cloud applications and Cloud Engines.

Notification process and downtime

An upgrade might require a downtime period, hence impacting your running activities. When a service downtime period is planned, you are notified in three ways:
  • On https://trust.talend.com
  • Directly in the corresponding application
  • By email

    The email that is used is the email of the account administrator, which is the one that was used when your company bought the Talend product.

The time frame for receiving the notifications depends on your contract.

Required actions

Whether or not you will need to do anything following an upgrade, such as restart a scheduled job or re-pair engines, depends on the nature of this upgrade. This information is provided in the notifications.

Remote engines and Talend Studio upgrades are not automatic, but you might need to upgrade them to ensure compatibility with the Talend Cloud upgrades. To verify what versions of your installed applications are compatible with a Talend Cloud upgrade, see the Talend Cloud Compatibility section on the Support Statements page. Similarly, if you work with a hybrid installation, you should upgrade any Talend application that is installed on your local network.