Namespaces and XML Schema Import - 6.3

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The XML Schema import automatically creates a namespace container to hold the namespaces found in the imported XML schemas. The name of the namespace container is the concatenation of the directory names into which the schemas are imported. If a namespace container exists with that name, it is used/updated as required.

The XML schema import process adds an entry (if it does not exist) to the namespace container for each namespace found in the XML schemas. If it finds that a namespace prefix has been defined for the namespace, it uses that. If multiple prefixes are defined, it uses only the first one it finds. If there is no prefix defined, it creates a unique prefix, and indicates this using the "made up" property.

The XML schema import has a number of options to allow the imported structures to be organized by namespace, if desired. One of the options is to allow the directory name corresponding to the namespace to be specified by the user. This is done by specifying the directory property in the namespace entry.