Data Preparation: known issues and known limitations - 7.2

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We encourage you to consult the JIRA bug tracking tool for a full list of open issues:
Limitation Description
Streams Runner on Java 8 [TDP-7330] The Streams Runner component does not support Java 11. It must be launched with Java 8 instead.
HDFS Export [TDP-7329] When using Talend Data Preparation in a Big Data context, an HDFS export that contains one of the following functions will fail:
  • Magic Fill
  • Extract full name parts
  • Extract values by semantic types
  • Coalesce columns
  • Convert character width
  • Concatenate columns
  • Sum, multiply, mean, median, max, min on multiple columns
  • Change date format on the whole table
  • Format numbers on the whole table
  • Search and replace on the whole table
Failed exports on empty preparations When using the Export button in a dataset that you just opened from the dataset list, without applying any preparation function, exports will fail regardless of the output configuration.

As a workaround, apply at least one preparation step to the dataset in order to create a preparation and export it to the format of your choice.