Manually installing the Jolokia OSGi agent to a Talend Runtime Container - 7.3

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The Jolokia OSGi agent has been installed by default in the Talend Runtime Container. However, this section describes how to install the Jolokia OSGi agent manually, in case it was uninstalled from the container at some point.

To install a Jolokia agent to a Talend Runtime Container, execute this command at the container console:

feature:install tesb-jmx-http-agent

Then, Jolokia agent bundle will be installed to the container. Run the list command, and the output should look like this:

[ 191] [Active] [      ] [      ] [   60] Jolokia Agent (1.0.2)

In addition, if you access the URL http://localhost:8040/jolokia/version, you will see a JSON output line about version information, which indicates the Jolokia agent is running correctly.