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The first step at the beginning of any MDM project involves setting up a data model and creating business entities in this data model. In this example, a Movie data model is created.

Before you begin

Make sure you have a valid connection to an MDM Server and have created an empty project. For more information about how to create a connection to the MDM server, see the Talend Studio User Guide.


  1. In the MDM Repository tree view, right-click Data Model and select New from the contextual menu.
  2. Name your data model Movie, and then click OK.

    In this example, the Create the corresponding Data Container at the same time check box is selected, so that the corresponding data container with the same name will be created.

    A data model and its corresponding data container must have the same name.


In the Studio workspace, an editor opens where you can define the details of your new data model. The new data model and data container are listed in the MDM Repository tree view.