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Talend Data Catalog Administration Guide

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Administration and Monitoring

Talend Data Catalog provides default administration groups:
  • Security Administrators: manage users, groups, external authentication, user interface assignment and security role assignment on folders and repository objects.
  • Application Administrators: have all permissions associated with security and data security roles.
  • Administrators: have all permissions associated with the Security Administrators and Application Administrators groups.
Actions by object type Administrator groups
Security Administrators Application Administrators Administrators
Security management
Manage users and groups -
Manage external authentication -
Assign security roles on folders and repository objects -
Application administration (such as managing custom attributes) -
Repository management
View the folder properties -
Edit the folder properties -
Create, delete and move child folders and objects -
Edit object properties -
Create and delete child versions -
Edit version properties -
Set default version -
Archive a version -
Publish a version -
Metadata objects
View -
Edit -
Add and remove labels -
Add, edit and remove your comments -
Add, edit and delete your endorsements and warnings -
Add, edit and delete certification -
View audit log -
Data objects
View data profiling/sampling details -
Run data profiling/sampling -
Hide profiling/sampling data -
Content to be imported
Configure import parameters -
Import new version -
Business Glossary workflow
Enable and disable workflow -
Assign workflow roles -
Configuration management
Add, remove and replace configuration contents and edit connections -
Publish a version -