Configuring a semantic type to hide data - 7.1

Talend Data Catalog Administration Guide

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Administration and Monitoring
You can protect sensitive data by configuring a semantic type to hide data from unauthorized users.

Before you begin

  • You have signed in as a user assigned to the Administrators or Application Administrators group.
  • The data sampling and profiling have been enabled and configured during the metadata import.


  1. Go to Tools > Administration from Metadata Manager or to MANAGE from Metadata Explorer.
  2. Select Semantic Types.
  3. Click Add to create a semantic type or click an existing semantic type from the list to open its configuration details.
  4. Select the Hide Data check box and save your changes.
    Data from all objects associated with this semantic type is automatically hidden.
  5. Click Publish to make your changes available to the system during the next harvesting/profiling.