Marketo support - 6.4

Talend Open Studio for Big Data Release Notes

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Installation and Upgrade
  1. The existing Marketo components, tMarketoInput, tMarketoListOperation and tMarketoOutput, have been switched into the new framework and the user interface has been slightly changed.

  2. Two new components, tMarketoConnection which allows you to open a connection to Marketo, and tMarketoBulkExec which allows you to import leads or custom objects into Marketo from a local file in the REST API mode, have been created in the new framework.

  3. The tMarketoOutput component now allows you to delete leads.

  4. The tMarketoInput and tMarketoOutput components now support retrieving and writing custom objects data from/into Marketo.

  5. The tMarketoListOperation and tMarketoOutput components support collecting the rows on error using a Row > Reject connection when not in batch mode.

  6. A new Marketo metadata wizard has been created, which allows you to centralize the Marketo connection and retrieve the schema of the interested custom objects using REST API.